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beautiful 9lb Irish coast Pollack
Sheen River Atlantic Salmon
The rocky road to a big fish
beautiful brown trout
schoolie sea bass
sunset in Kerry
Tom with a lovely 8lb Pollack
Wild Brown Trout
misty gaze into the black valley
Tommy very happy with his much better fish
a face that say "I've had Bigger"
Sunsets and Beach Casters
lovely fish on the LRF set up
Ross castle
lovely clean pollack of the sandy coast
lovely healthy lake feed brown trout

We are Situated in County Kerry, in the peninsular southwest region of Ireland. Kerry is known for its rugged coastlines, mountains, lakes and rivers.  The Ring of Kerry is a popular scenic fishing destination  skirting the edges of both the Iveragh Peninsula and Beara peninsula.


The area offers many different types of fishing such as river, lake, sea and beach. Kerry holds one of  the largest lakes systems in Ireland and some of the most prestigious salmon rivers in the world.

I ventured down to my local river to check out the early spring migration of salmon and tr...ted.jpg

Kerry has many large fishing lakes wild and stocked. It also offers some of the most pristine salmon rivers in the world and  is home to the in the prestigious Atlantic salmon and Sea trout.

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